Rev. Peter Popoff made his first missionary appearance in Washington DC on June 9, 2013

peterpopoffRev. Peter Popoff made his first missionary appearance in Washington DC on June 9, 2013. You may have already heard about Rev. Peter Popoff as he is the founder of People United for Christ and Peter Popoff Ministries.

Peter Popoff shared to the people the message of hope, deliverance, faith, and heal some of them.

One of the places that he has visited was Washington DC. He has gathered a lot of people in the city who were starving for the words of God.

Before Rev. Popoff introduced his ministry in the US, it was definitely formed and spread to many countries through the years.

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Throughout his earlier ministry period, Rev. Popoff made it an objective to penetrate through the Eastern Europe and the underground church who suffered from the communist government.

In right after he graduated, he got married to Elizabeth, and started the ministry.

A radio program who served as a medium of the preaching in America started in 1976. He bravely started the bible smuggle operations to make sure that he could enter the Iron curtain of Eastern Europe and the bamboo curtain of China.

Another infamous tactic of Peter Popoff in the 1980’s and 1990’s was the helium-filled balloons. He used these balloons to carry packets of Gospel readings placed inside watertight containers to the areas where preaching the Words of God was punishable.

Even until now, a lot of underground Christians owe Rev. Popoff their life. Through the teachings of the evangelist, their beliefs changed in the most amazing way.

“Whether it be by land or sea, the Gospel can penetrate ‘closed doors.’ Launching teams may drop Gospel literature into the ocean, fill balloons with tracts, or perhaps do whatever it takes, to take the Word of God to the shores of countries closed to the Gospel.” This is just what Peter Popoff generally stressed while he deliver his sermons to the public.

In the town of Odessa, Russia, over 30,000 of individuals assembled to witness God’s miracle. These people have endured long walks just to witness just how powerful God is.

Rev. Peter Popoff already believed, since he was young, that his main mission in life was to spread the Gospel of God. His desire for the people to experience God’s remarkable presence as well as the intense passion he has for the Word of God motivated him to pursue the task.

With this, Peter Popoff was able to establish a television program wherein people from North Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America get to pay attention to the gospel through the television network.

Peter Popoff and the rest of the members of Peter Popoff Ministries has been standing strongly for more than 4 decades today and continue to proclaim exactly how magnificent the changing power of Christ is.

Reaching out and touching wounding individuals with the good news of the Gospel has always been at the heart of Peter Popoff Ministries. The truth is, Peter’s ministry have always been victorious in delivering and treating many individuals – men, women, and children – through the awesome works of Christ.

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